Your prospects are saying SO WHAT every time you advertise how fantastic your company, product and service are. It’s what you should be thinking when considering hiring an advertising agency to help you with your advertising. Yes, even ours.

Unless you are in the 3% of advertisers who are doing it right, YOU have a serious problem. The reason why you may think you’re doing ‘ok’ is because you’re part of the other 97%. So, compared to all the mediocre ads out there, things aren’t so bad are they?

Ever heard the saying, “Even a dead fish can float downstream” before? Many businesses just lazily float down the river gathering whatever business happens to come their way. People need food, so a certain number are going to show up in a given restaurant each day from sheer momentum. It’s not calculated; it’s inevitable.

Here’s a better strategy: Swim like crazy! Go out and get the business!