• Position your company in the marketplace
  • Build your brand.
  • Increase Prospect Flow
  • Generate Leads
  • Increase Sales
  • Create awareness so consumers remember your name when they go to buy the product or service your sell?

Use our proven Creative Equation and avoid the “Confidence Gap”.


The “confidence gap” represents your prospects’ inability to distinguish whether your business or your product or your services are any BETTER, or WORSE, or any DIFFERENT than any other business that is selling what you sell.

  • Because of increased technology your prospect has increased resistance. Because you face increased competition your prospect takes longer to make a decision.
  • Because there are more choices you find yourself competing on price.
  • Because your prospects are NOT experts at what you sell you find yourself reduced to a commodity.
  • Because of the “entrepreneurial boom” you advertising messages sound identical to your competitors, worse yet, they sound identical to companies that are not even in your industry!

Advertising has gotten so bad that the prospects feel that all the ads are just saying: “I want you to give me your money instead of giving it to somebody else”; Here’s where you say: “My ads are not like that”; or, you may be thinking…”but I don’t do that”. Well I hope so! But the odds are that you are doing exactly that. Want proof? Take our Bad Advertising Test.