Imagine spending one month in a meeting.

How many meetings will your company have next year? 52? 104? The average company will have between 14-30 full days of meetings in one year. Imagine sitting in a meeting for one month of your life. How many will you walk out of thinking, “that was a waste of time?” What do very successful cutting edge, entrepreneurial spirited companies do to maintain their competitive advantage?

What do Microsoft, Coca-Cola, Nike, Intel, Apple and Starbucks all have in common? They all have participated in formal Creative Facilitation meetings. A facilitated brainstorm meeting nurtures innovation. It extracts the best ideas from your company’s key players and crystallizes plans with more creativity than you would normally create with just the same people that you work with. It’s your own internal view of where your business is heading.

Just as you would hire an architect for your building…

The facilitator is an architect for your marketing/business plan with the emphasis on generating more prospect flow and developing cool ideas. The facilitation is a specific, structured process that focuses the brain trust of the participants in order to extract and crystallize your company’s vision, strategy, tactics, creative ideas and more. Isn’t it time you injected a new creative spark that forces you to create sharp and powerful tools to move your company forward.

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