Problems We Solve For Our Clients

We kill for our clients. We did time for it.

The Problem of Poor Performing Ads

We use a proven creative strategy called the “marketing equation” which is proven to increase advertising response from 25% to 600%. For over 25 years, we have learned firsthand that poor performing advertising is the result of bad ads not the media. Knowing what to say and how to say it (Strategy) represents 80% of advertising’s success. “When” and “Where” ads are placed and which media to use (Tactics) represents only 20% of advertising’s success.

The Problem of Overpaying for Ads

Our team consists of people who used to set media rates so we know exactly what ads should cost. We negotiate media rates and prices so our clients never overpay for their advertising and ultimately get more ads for their money.

Missing Out on the "Million Dollar Idea" Problem

We are eliminate the "fear of missing out" We live and breathe advertising which is why we take every media rep meeting so our clients don’t have to. Why? Because you never know who has that next million dollar idea. Advertisers do not have the time to meet with every media salesperson that calls them (We rarely hear marketers say, "I wish more sales people would call me") but, "meeting avoidance" is a guarantee that you may miss out on that million dollar idea at worst or they are at the highest risk of not hearing about the next great lead generating opportunity at best.

The Problem of Getting Biased Information From the Media

Media reps cannot be objective; they must recommend using their products even though other advertising products may deliver better results. We do not sell proprietary marketing products, thus we maintain our independence and have eliminated conflict based on recommending a “company product”. Since we do not work for the media, we are able to research and recommend the appropriate media strategy designed to generate the most leads for our clients whether it be: TV, radio, Internet, magazines, newspapers, print, billboards, trade shows or something else.

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